After selling works that I’ve wrapped in bubble plastic for shipping I’ve discovered that it had always an very interesting look. There was always a nice realistic recognition left, but mostly with to much lost of the original paintingskin and brushstrokes. So I went to the curtainstore searching for the right translucent effect. Finallly here it is, my first painting “Shirley”, based on a still of actress Shirley Temple, “wrapped” in nylon tulle. Ofcourse I’ve still lost some of the look of the paintskin and brucestrokes but the result is a so very interesting and unusual realistic, almost 3d look, that it’s worth it. I’ve covered several works with it but only the strong servive. There’s actually a kind of nice transition between a painting and photography.  It’s hard to get it right photographed but I’ll hope these will do. Click photo to enlarge for a better view and tell me what you think. After you clicking on the image you want to see you can view the painting in full HD by clicking “view full size” below the image.

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